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A power surge can be your home’s worst nightmare. It can threaten your phone and fax system, computers, television, and any other electronic system you have in your home. And while you may have an inexpensive multi-outlet surge suppressor that you purchased at the local electronics store, you are not truly protected from a strong power surge. The best way to protect your home from a power surge is to install a whole-house surge protection system. This type of system is hardwired into your main electrical panel for complete protection of your appliances and electrical devices.

Typically, a power surge is caused by the operation of too many devices on too small a system. Typical household items, such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, and kitchen appliances may require too much electricity for your system, causing a power surge. A good repair for this issue is toggling your equipment to create swift, fleeting demands for electricity. This may be one fix, out of many, that can help protect your home from a massive power surge that can ruin your electronics and cause other, more serious issues in the process.

Some other issues that may cause a power surge to include:

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Down power lines
  • Problems with utility company lines, transformers, and other components
  • Lightning

Any electrical work in your home should be conducted by a licensed and insured electrician. If you are in the Ocean County area, CME Electric is the go-to company to carry out your electrical needs. Therefore, when you are ready to install whole-house surge protection, CME Electrical Contractors are someone to count on to correctly install and wire a solution that best suits your needs. We will walk you through the process, explain why this option is necessary, and then install the best system for your home. We will even recommend a good power strip that will absorb excess power that may seep through the main system. Contact us today to get a free estimate for whole-house surge protection.

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