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Inefficient Lighting Can Add to Big Utility Costs

Did you know that 35% of your business’s energy usage is contributed to the lighting within your commercial property? The good news is that this 35% is adjustable, the more energy-efficient lighting you utilize, the lower your energy costs. There is a myriad of lighting options from which to choose. Making the choice is not as simple as finding the most energy efficient. The lighting you choose must also be the perfect fit for your commercial property’s needs.

Commercial lighting is a bit different from residential lighting. Commercial lighting is designed to accommodate business activities, whether it be typing at a desk or running a warehouse, or any other potential commercial use. The lighting options vary in color, design, and intensities to accommodate all of the potential uses for commercial space and help clients and employees achieve the full lighting benefit.

In order to aid in saving energy costs, ballasts may be used in commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures to limit the current released to the bulb, preventing overheating and premature burnout. Fluorescent lighting in a residential property does not face the same usage issues.

When deciding on the best lighting for your business, you must first understand the options available:

f your building is a bit older, and using older technology, this type of bulb is less efficient than most other choices. Typically, this lighting is best used for specific tasks. You may choose several different types of incandescent lighting, such as general/standard, reflectorized, and xenon.

This type of lighting offers double the efficiency of incandescent lighting by offering an extremely bright, white light. Halogen lighting is common in outdoor settings, particularly stadiums.

This is the most common lighting for commercial properties. It is energy efficient and effective, providing both task and general lighting for all areas. This lighting is available as both fluorescent and compact.

If you want CME Electrical Contractors to come out to your business and evaluate your lighting options, contact us today to discuss our ballast & bulb replacement services.

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