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Take Your Kitchen Lighting to the Next Level

Lighting in the kitchen can be the difference between a gourmet meal and an accident. While most kitchens have an adequate overhead light, certain areas require additional lighting to aid in the craftsmanship which occurs within the kitchen. Lighting in areas such as over the sink, over the range, and even over certain countertops, promote a healthy work environment in which the culinary artist can have a full visual display in which to create his or her masterpiece. And for those of us that may not be culinary artists, but cook in our kitchen, this type of focused lighting can help make sure we are cutting the food and not our fingers.

There are four types of kitchen lighting options to consider:

General Lighting
General lighting, or ambient light, delivers adequate lighting throughout the entire kitchen. This lighting is evenly distributed throughout.

Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting
This type of lighting is helpful to increase the ability to use your kitchen and see as you cook and clean your countertops.

Kitchen Island Lighting
This lighting option is meant to increase the functionality of your kitchen island. Because they are not always used to full capacity, they should contain a dimmer and a separate switch from the remaining kitchen lights.

Kitchen Accent Lighting
This type of lighting is decorative in nature. It is used to draw attention to the design of your kitchen and its decor. It allows your kitchen to be one of the main focal points of your home.

It is essential to remember that the design will increase functionality while creating ambiance and style when developing kitchen lighting. To accomplish this, you should work with a reputable electrician who understands the need for a good lighting display and how to make it fit your budget while saving your energy in the long run. CME Electric has been this company for numerous customers in the Ocean County, NJ region for the past 25 years and looks forward to being the company for your project. Contact us today for a free estimate on adding or designing your kitchen’s lighting.

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