Commercial Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Add to the Beauty of your Building’s Exterior with Landscape Lighting

When you think of landscaping, you typically picture beautiful trees, well-maintained grass, and lovely flower beds. However, lighting also plays a large role in adding to your commercial property’s landscape, making it aesthetically appealing as well as adding to the safety of your property. Commercial Landscape Lighting Design can complement the outdoor lights, such as direct lighting, which is distributed evenly across the property’s exterior as well as exterior wall-mount fixtures which provide exterior lighting for walkways.

CME Electrical Contractors specialize in Commercial Landscape Lighting Design and can provide several different options for your business to enhance the look & security of your property’s exterior.

These are often most preferred by businesses both internally and externally. They are wonderful all-weather options that provide full lighting with less glare than traditional lights. They are easily controlled with timers and remote control options and can even be dimmed as needed and requested.

This is a linear, fluorescent lamp best suited for high bay applications, such as warehouses, gyms, factories, and superstores.

These are high-intensity discharge lamps that utilize a gas discharge to produce light.

These lights aid in making your exterior more aesthetically pleasing while providing some light to walkways and entryways. They can also illuminate a sign from the ground up adding an appealing look to your beautiful signage.

These lights are all energy-efficient and serve their purposes for their specific locations. This type of Commercial Landscape Lighting adds value to your property, is inviting to visitors, keeps it safe, and makes for an easy resale by increasing its overall value.

CME Electrical Contractors are available to provide expert advice when designing your Commercial Landscape Lighting. We look forward to working with you to make sure your landscape lighting is perfect for your business and clientele. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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