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Statistically, commercial buildings are updated at least once every 30 years, if not more. Yet, updates include many changes, except for electrical wiring. Unless evidence exists to the contrary, electrical wiring is often overlooked and assumed to be in good condition. Yet, electrical wiring is meant to be updated as frequently as most other building systems, if not more. Therefore, older commercial buildings often operate with antiquated electrical systems. Antiquated systems may not be able to maintain the current electrical usage many businesses utilize. This leaves them susceptible to frequent overloading.

The following questions may need to be asked of yourself or maintenance personnel in order to discern whether or not you need your electrical system inspected and retrofitted:

  • Do you have a dedicated circuit to protect computers?
  • Do the lights flicker?
  • Do your breakers trip often?
  • Do your fuses blow regularly?
  • Does your panel box make a crackling sound?
  • Are your electrical service conductors overheating?
  • Are you in the midst of a remodeling project of your commercial property?
  • Do you need more outlets?
  • Does your insurance policy require scheduled or frequent upgrades?
  • Are you using multiple extension cords?
  • Do your electronic devices run on less than full power?
  • Do you require a 240 volt circuit?
  • Do you need to add a sub panel?
  • Do you need a power surge arrestor?
  • Are your outlets two pronged (ungrounded)?
  • Is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI) required?
  • Do you want an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter?

As you go through the checklist, you may find you are in desperate need of an upgrade to your electrical system. This allows your commercial property to conduct business more effectively. As the leading Eastern, Central New Jersey electrical company, CME Electric can inspect your building’s electrical systems in order to determine if your electrical panel needs upgrading. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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