Motion & Security Lighting Installation

Fend off Intruders with Exterior Motion Security Lighting

The exterior of your home is meant to be the barrier between the world and your family. It is meant to protect you against natural disasters and criminals alike. While there is little you can do in the event of a natural disaster, you can do something to help keep your family safe from crime. The first step is to install security lighting around the exterior of your home. This type of lighting works as a deterrent for criminals, as they prefer to commit crimes when they can go unnoticed.

The key to keeping your exterior well-lit when it matters most is installing motion sensor lighting. This will aid in keeping you safe while keeping your electric costs low by only illuminating when the sensor is obstructed. Adding motion sensors to your security lighting, which can be located near your front & rear entrance-way doors, will make sure the lights are on when you need to see and deter others’ needs that may not be welcomed.

Some key points that are attributed to motion sensors & security lighting include:

These lights come on when you come home, helping you find the keyhole to open your door quickly while staying well-lit.

Criminals do not like to be seen in the act. It aids in their capture. Therefore, motion sensor security lights will help keep your home safe and push the would-be intruder onto the next, unlit property.

Motion sensors allow your security lights to only go on when needed. Keeping your energy use and costs down.

Curb Appeal
Security lights make your home look well-cared-for, increasing its value.

CME Electric knows that safety is your number one concern. Our skilled electricians will help you determine the best security lighting system for your home or business and will install it quickly and professionally, leaving your home or business safe and secure. Contact us today to get the process started.

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